Welcome to Ms. Bunny’s Bungalow

Cozy and quaint 1920’s craftsman style home, Miss Bunny’s Bungalow was designed and furnished with simplicity and peacefulness in mind. The décor is a thoughtful mix of farmhouse chic and Fredericksburg charm. Sip coffee on the front porch or in the sun room or enjoy the fire pit in the backyard. This property is located just a short walk from popular live music venues/restaurants such as Crossroads and Hondo’s.

This is the perfect place for a couples getaway or a small family gathering. Ms. Bunny’s features a UV Light in the AC / air duct system which reduces house hold dust. This helps people who have asthma or may be immuno compromised. Outside we use organic pesticides and all natural / organic products. There are a variety of amenities offered such as hair dryers, irons and ironing boards and A/C in this home to make your stay more comfortable. There is a full kitchen and a coffee/tea bar in the dining room, so pour a cup and make yourself at home. This home features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 patios. Ms. Bunny’s Bungalow can accommodate up to 4 people.